Under Development: Arduino System Monitor (Hobby Project 2019)


The Arduino System Monitor Software sends it's data to the Arduino Device which converts this data into Arduino Events.
Temperature data is send from the Arduino Device to the Arduino System Monitor Software.
Data is send both ways over the serial port with a response time less than a second.

The Software is written with Visual Studio 2019 in C#/.NET. (Requires .NET Framework 4.7.2)
The Arduino Device used is an Arduino Uno. Arduino Coding done with Arduino IDE 1.8.9.


1. Build a new Arduino Device Prototype with leds for CPU/RAM/DISK/NETWORK. (Version 1 = small version without servo/led)
2. Build a new Arduino Device Prototype with leds for CPU/RAM/DISK/NETWORK and servo/led for NETWORK LOAD. (Version 2 = full version with servo/led)
3. Build new Code for interfacing with Version 1 and Version 2 + Optimize/Strip Code.
4. Build new cases for V1 & V2 (build-in leds)

Parts Needed/Used

Breadboard x2
74HC595 Shift Register x 5
5MM GREEN LED x 5 + Resistor
5MM YELLOW LED x 15 + Resistor
5MM RED LED x 5 + Resistor
DALLAS DS18B20 Temp. Sensor x1 + Resistor
SERVO 5V + LED + Resistor


E-mail: arduino@bartjanssen.be

If you like to make a donation to this project, go here.